• Your Own Design

    Are you a designer or want to create your own brand? We’ll cover the production process to get you to the next level. Our expert team will take care of your designs as if they were of their own, you do not have to burdened by the production any more. Just concentrate on designs and sales, leave the rest in our hands!

  • CAD / Custom Design

    From a simple sketch to a design you just thought of, we can produce it. Our design team is specially trained to work with you to make the piece you desire.

    Once the 3D sketch is made up, we will have for you a photo rendered in several positions and with all the detailed features for your review. This 3D file can then become part of your designs library, ready to be re-ordered at any time.

  • 3D Printing

    View your piece and show your customer before making the final product. With our try-on wax models made to scale, you can feel the size and fitment of your piece. We use high quality waxes and castable resins to give you smooth flawless castings. If you require large quantity production and manufacturing, we can hold your 3dms on file for order fulfillment and complete the wax to casting in as little as 48 hours.

  • Jewelry Casting

    We use the highest quality waxes to give you smooth flawless castings. If you require large quantity production and manufacturing. We can hold molds for order fulfillment to cast your piece in metal in as little as 24 hours, as well as adjust for sizing and metal types.

  • Diamond Setting And Finishing

    We have experienced jewelers on staff that can handle your setting jobs as well as meticulous polishers to bring out only the best out of your jewelry. If you require large quantity production and manufacturing. We offer a drop-shipping service where we finish the piece for you and send to customer using your companies packaging and shipping label.

  • Jewelry Repairs

    We perform all jewelry repairs on-site quickly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind knowing your precious jewelry is in the hands of experienced and dedicated professionals. We offer an extensive number of jewelry repair services from polishing, tightening stones, soldering, ring resizing, rebuilding bent or crushed old jewelry, to a full restoration.

Get Started

OneJewel is here to help everyone create their own Fine Jewelry. From a single piece to large scale manufacturing. We work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams! All production is done in house at our Boca Raton facility using 100% recycled refined metals.

Just snap a photo and describe your request for us to get started!

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